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Collective Worship

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Collective Worship

Collective worship in a classroom has a different feel from worship in the hall.  The more intimate nature of the worship makes our pupils feel more readily included. It is also the perfect setting to look at some of life’s big issues in a prayerful and reflective manner. 


Our worship enables pupils to:

Gather and engage: Looking out onto the world is filled with 'wows but also ows'. Things that we are grateful for and things we consider awful.

Respond: Looking at our emotions and thinking about our own thoughts and feelings, both individually and together.

Express: Looking through the door, to order to then act or express this in some way in response, for moving on, making choices and doing something creative, active and purposeful in response.

Autumn 1 Worship

Autumn 2 Worship

Celebration Worship


Every Friday our school community celebrate the weekly achievements of pupils. 

- Weekly attendance award - to promote and celebrate excellent attendance

- Merit Award winners - for excellence within the curriculum

- Christian Values winners - for showing our values within school

- House Point winners - celebration within a team

Worship Council

Each year, the children vote in new Worship Councillors who meet with Mrs L de Graaff to plan worship; develop reflective areas in and around school and support other children to understand that we all have an important part to play in the life of our school. They wear worship council badges so that all the children, staff and visitors can recognise them. They help others demonstrate daily the Christian values that we are proud of and that demonstrate our distinctively Christian character and ethos through living out our school values and improving the Christian ethos and atmosphere of our school. Worship Councillors write prayers that are included in Worship sessions and provide areas for reflection that are poignant to school life. Worship Councillors support Celebration Worship through presenting our Christian Values awards to members of their class. These pupils are celebrated by placing their name on our school 'Christian Values' display - highlighting which value has been achieved.

Worship Council Badge.jpg

House Captains

Each year, Year 6 pupils are elected as house captain representatives for our house groups in school - St Catherine, St Francis, St Joseph and St Thomas. House captains are role model pupils chosen and selected by their peers throughout the school. Their role is to support Mrs L de Graaff during Celebration Worship to celebrate attendance achievements. They present pupils with awards for Merits awards for excellent curriculum work. They count house points on the school's Class Dojo reward platform to celebrate success every Friday during Celebration Worship.

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