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Our Aims

At All Saints’ Primary School, we aim to raise standards of attainment for all pupils in reading, by providing high quality word reading and reading comprehension teaching and learning opportunities. We want to instil our children with a love of reading that lasts for their lifetime, share with them an enthusiasm for children’s literature and help them recognise the value of reading as a life skill. We will encourage children to become enthusiastic and reflective readers by introducing them to good quality books, from a variety of cultures and in a range of different styles and formats and to develop their understanding of a variety of text types including non-fiction, fiction, poetry and drama. In order to develop children’s confidence, fluency, and independence when reading for different purposes, we will encourage them to reflect on and have an interest in what they have read and the language and punctuation choices made by the author. We will give clear guidance on teaching expectations establishing consistent practice, progression and continuity in the teaching and learning of reading throughout the school in order to ensure effective teaching and assessment is key to future learning.

Our Approach to Teaching Reading