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The Designated Safeguarding Lead at All Saints’ is Mrs Shuttleworth.  In her absence any information should be passed on to the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mr Godfrey (Head of School).

We care for each individual child as though he/she is our own child. We want the child to be loved and cared for, to grow in self-confidence and self-discipline and also to develop a sense of responsibility. We actively encourage parents to be partners with the school in the education of the children.

Before your child starts school, parents are invited to informal meetings to get to know the school, the teachers and what the children will be learning. Parents and children come to school enjoy a school dinner (or sandwiches).

After a few weeks in school, parents are invited to talk to their child’s teacher about how the child is settling in and what progress has been achieved. The learning journey of the pupil begins at this meeting and is developed throughout the seven years at this Primary School.

At All Saints’ children are rewarded and encouraged both privately and publicly for their efforts in all areas of school life. Assemblies and Awards Presentations are arranged to celebrate achievements.

A variety of programmes of work are used in school to teach children how to keep safe and show positive and practical ways of dealing with potentially dangerous situations and cover the following areas:

  • Road Safety

  • Rail Safety

  • Water Safety

  • Personal Safety

  • When and how to say ‘NO’

  • Internet Safety – Think you know

On entering school your child is met at the door by a member of staff. They are fully supervised during the day and accompanied by their teacher to the playground at the end of the school day. When your child is in school, the first point of contact is the class teacher. Your child’s teacher can be seen at the end of the school day or at a mutually convenient time arranged through the school office.

To report any concerns about Child Protection please call First Response: 0800 1313 126


Further details of our approach to safeguarding are available in our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy at the bottom of this page. 


At All Saints’ we are committed to developing lifelong, independent learners who use technology as a tool for learning and personal development. In school children are taught through discrete computing lessons and across the creative curriculum about how they can stay safe online, recognising any potential dangers and how to report these.

We take the safeguarding and personal well being of our children extremely seriously. Therefore, our school network is continually monitored by Mr Godfrey who receives daily and weekly reports about the online and offline use of technology at All Saints.’ In order to monitor network activity closely, every child has their own unique user name and password to access their network user profile. Further details are available in our Digital Safeguarding Policy below.