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School Uniform

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Our Uniform

At All Saints’ CE Primary we have a strict school uniform that all children wear and are proud of.  Parents’ support and co-operation with this is much appreciated, since smart dress ensures that children take pride in their appearance as well as the presentation and quality of their schoolwork.

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Our branded uniform can be purchased from the following establishments:


​Lads and Lasses, 50a Warstones Road, Penn, Wolverhampton, WV4 4LP (Tel: 01902 334650) Website

Abbiss, High Street, Wombourne, WV5 9DN (Tel: 01902 892300)


PTFA – The schools PTFA have good quality used items available to purchase. Please contact Anna Parr directly or through the PTFA’s Facebook page.


Nursery Children Uniform

​We ask that the nursery children wear the school PE kit but they also have the option to wear the full school uniform.



Hair should be neat and tidy for school.  We do not allow shaved heads, razor markings or brightly coloured hair. Hair which is shoulder length or longer should be tied up for health and safety reasons, using a bobble or scrunchy. Hairbands should be plain or school colours.


Make Up and Jewellery

No jewellery is permitted, apart from a watch and stud earrings – and then only one earring per ear.  There may be additional items worn of specific religious significance but only after this has been agreed by the Headteacher. Make up, nail polish and tattoos are not permitted. 


Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not permitted during the school day. Children bringing phones to school should drop them off at the school office at the start of the day and collect them at the end of the day. Phones should only be brought into school if necessary e.g. Year 6 walking home at the end of the day alone.


​We are a small school with limited storage space.  We ask that children do not bring large bags into school; a book bag for their reading books will suffice.  Pencil cases are not required as all equipment is provided by school.

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