School Uniform

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At All Saints’ we are particularly proud of our uniform. Your support and co-operation with this is very much appreciated, since smartly dressed children are part of what gives any school its reputation. Children should take pride in their appearance as well as in the presentation and quality of their school work.  We do not allow nail varnish to be worn.

Boys Uniform
Grey Trousers
White Shirt
School Tie
School Jumper

Black shoes (not trainers)

Girls Uniform
Grey Skirt/Pinafore or Trousers
White Blouse
School Tie
School Cardigan

Black shoes (not trainers and preferably not ballet pumps)

During the summer, girls may wear a blue and white striped dress (not checked please). Boys may wear short grey trousers and a school polo shirt. A school sun hat (with or without a neck shield) may also be worn.

In year 6 our children wear a different tie to the rest of the school to show that they are prefects.

Nursery Children Uniform


Many children in Nursery choose to wear the full school uniform, however, we are happy for the children to wear blue jogging bottoms, a school polo shirt, school cardigan or jumper and school shoes. They can wear black pumps for PE.

PE Kits


Black PE pumps are worn for indoors PE, trainers or football boots are optional for outdoor games. Outdoor trainers are not to be worn indoors. All jewellery MUST be removed for PE lessons. Please make sure everything is labelled so that any found items can be returned to their owner. (The lost property box is in the entrance are off the KS1 playground.)


We would ask that children do not bring large bags to school. A pump bag is adequate for PE and a book bag for reading books. Pencil cases are not required as all equipment is provided by the school.

Where to Buy

Our uniform, PE kits, bags and hats can be purchased from Abbiss, High Street, Wombourne, WV5 9D9 - 01902 892300.

Lads and Lasses on Warstones Road, Wolverhampton, will embroider the school logo onto appropriate clothing items for a cost of £5 per item. Please telephone 01902 334650 for further information.